Easy to learn.

Read the documentation to learn more about the framework's features and how to get started.

Code in packages.

Extend the framework's core functionalities with packages tailored to your project's needs.

Separation of concerns.

Dive into repositories that forge the framework's core, providing a robust foundation for developers.

No grain, no bread.

Dive into repositories that forge the framework's core.

Repositories embody the essence of ZAPHYR, defining the bedrock of low-level code that powers the framework. These repositories serve as the building blocks, providing a robust foundation for developers to construct exceptional applications.

Name Description
Config Configuration loader supports PHP, INI, JSON, XML, YAML and NEON file extensions.
Container Powerful auto wiring dependency injection container including PSR-11.
Cookie Small repository for handling cookies.
Encrypt Encrypting and decrypting text via OpenSSL using AES-128 and AES-256 encryption.
Event Dispatcher An efficient PSR-14 event dispatcher.
HTTP Client HTTP cURL client based on PSR-18.
HTTP Emitter Emits PSR-7 responses to the PHP Server API.
HTTP Message Lightweight and strict implementation of PSR-7 HTTP Message including PSR-17 HTTP Factories.
Logger A robust PSR-3 logging service.
Mail A mail API over the popular Symfony Mailer.
Router Robust router including PSR-7, PSR-11 and PSR-15
Session A session handler repository for maintaining user state across multiple requests.
Translate A simple translator to serve your applications in multiple languages.
Utils A collection of useful helper classes, which make a developer's workday a little easier.
Validate Easy to use, highly customizable validator.